Health is considered as the greatest of all possessions . Our families and loved ones share the burden we go through in life. Anyone with a health condition, impairment or injury, acute or chronic illness that limits functioning requires rehabilitation.Global trends in health and ageing signals the need for a major scaling up of rehabilitation services and more people are living with disability more than ever before.

Our service is to dedicate time to and effort to ensure patients and their significant others have:
  1. Easy access to home-based person-centered nursing care , a convenient health care companion for patients and a relief from care giver role strain of significant others.
  2. Online and accessible access anywhere with the use of internet.
  3. Free application and processing of RN care provider request acted upon within 24 hours.
  4. Access to health education and promotion programs because RN HEALS and CARES.
  5. A choice for direct and personalized one-on-one nurse-patient care.
  6. Assured delivery of health care services from a competent, compassionate and caring nurse.
  7. Access to available support during the time of nursing care delivery for a sound referral system in sudden changes in patient condition.

We facilitate the following services from Registered Nurses

Home Care

Nursing services is a solution for families that need an extra level of care. Fully-qualified and registered nurses can assist you with wound care, medication management, continence management, vital signs monitoring and other healthcare duties applicable in hospital and clinics. They support you while you get back on your feet after surgery or an illness.

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Care Services

You can depend on nurses for everything from dressing, bathing, and grooming to helping you get in and out of bed. Nurses’ palliative care helps people who are at the end of their lives to die with dignity in their own homes, in accordance with their wishes. Restorative support care helps people live life to the fullest, by helping identify goals, and be as functional and independent as possible. Get personal care from companionship services to hospice care support.

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Nurse Escort

You may not need a nurse 24/7 throughout your vacation, but having a nurse traveling companion nearby to call upon when needed will give you peace of mind. Nurse traveling companions will accompany you on your trip and assist you every step of the way to ensure your trip is comfortable from the beginning to the end. Request for transportation presence you can rely on.

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Committed and dedicated nurses are hard to find. Our system operates to attract RN care providers giving premium to 6Cs of caring, compassion, competence, communication skills, courage, and commitment. This includes people skills and personal skills as well. We are looking for caring nurses to join our team.

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