FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Health is the greatest of all possessions and constraints to supportive and rehabilitative care for the sick is eminent because there are families and loved ones who are working abroad or distantly living in a different location. Some are away from their own patients busy with something or someone else, while others are experiencing caregiver role strain and burnout. With this program, the opportunity for patients’ and nurses’ need to connect for a job that delivers quality Nursing care is made faster, easier and safer. In these kinds of situations, the presence of an RN care provider is necessary for: a) affording people dignity, compassion and respect; b) offering coordinated care, support or treatment; c) Offering personalized care, support or treatment; and d) Supporting people to recognize and develop their own strengths and abilities to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life which is the focus of person-centered care.

The Founder and RN Leaders of the program believes that nurse applicants need to go through careful and rigorous screening process to ensure that competent, compassionate and caring nurses will deliver health care services. At the same time making sure that the nurses’ safety and work condition is not compromised. The system is created to accept requests from patients and applications from nurses. Applications and requests will be screened and examined by RN Leaders. All successful RN applicants that meet the skills, values, and competency requirements will be pooled. Requests of patients and schedule of availability of RN care providers will be matched by the system. The patient and nurse will be notified of the result of matching.

We strive to connect technology and humanity with purpose for greatness and legacy. It is a non-profit program crafted to be a realized promise of connecting patients and nurses for a care closer to home. The system is made as an electronic, efficient, economic, easy and effective platform for patients’ access to quality nursing care. This is the first Filipino online nurse support system conceptualized by a dedicated Filipino nurse for public service together with his selfless and committed RN Team.

With advances in technology, easy access to home-based person-centered nursing care or a convenient health care companion for patients and a relief from care giver role strain of significant others should be made possible. Our system is online and accessible anywhere with the use of an internet. Expect free application and processing of RN care provider request acted upon within 24 hours. Patients who have booked an appointment with us have access to health education and promotion programs.

We believe that implementing competency-based selection process promotes equal employment opportunity for all registered nurses. We encouraged seasoned and newly registered nurses who can demonstrate safe practice of nursing care, imbued with the right attitude and committed to deliver person-centered care to apply. In this program, nurses may choose to render care Part-Time or Full-Time and arrange schedules based on their own availability and convenience. Opportunities for employment, learning, leadership training and professional development can be provided as well.

Every patient with health condition wanting to travel, recover, and rehabilitate should be supported and not deprived to achieve a quality life. This program should also benefit supportive family members and significant others who want their patients to be well and needs care relief too.

Devoting personal time and effort to generate leads to the website as well as to listen, encourage, ask or answer questions, distribute information, encourage, and reward patients and care providers is not an easy task that our RN Leaders do. We have in our team an available website programmer that provides technical support and assistance in the maintenance and upgrading of the RN system.

If you have other questions about our processes, such as how do we ensure data confidentiality or safety for both patients and nurses, don’t hesitate to send as an inquiry and we’ll be happy to answer you. Best regards and Live A Great Life!